Project Halloween

It’s that time of the year when the weather gets chilly but we have so many holidays to look forward to. We love to entertain. So, we decided to kick start the holiday season with a Halloween bash at our place. We had friends over the day before and we carved some pumpkins. We had a great time carving the pumpkins and having conversations. It was even more fun to capture it on video. We went to party city and got some spider web to add drama to the atmosphere, also got some wall papers and other Halloween decorations. We took the video on the slider. You can probably see the horizontal spanning shots in the beginning of the video. The slider did add a lot of production value to our otherwise static video. We think it is a great investment. The decorations also added production value to the video as you can see. The hanging lights with the spider web also added to the ambience. We love lights, especially background lights in the video. We think it makes any video look good. It’s a personal preference anyways. So, you will probably see a lot of lighting in our videos in probably many forms.

Once, our friends arrived, we got busy in the party and couldn’t really do justice to the video. Even though the video has lots of fun memories, it definitely doesn’t look like a professional video. We must say that we were pretty impressed with the video quality of Canon 5d Mark III. It performed so well, even at such low lighting. We didn’t use even one additional light other than the lights that were already installed in our place. One of our friends, Vikram graciously offered to make us a Flaming Lamborghini drink which added a lot of production value to the video. The fire added an interesting element but please do not attempt this at your home. He knew what he was doing, so it was okay. We had the camera in 600 ISO, and used the Canon f2 135mm lens to shoot the video. The initial video of the pumpkins, was shot with the 40mm lens. We have later edited the video using Final Cut Pro. Hope this video inspires you to make beautiful everlasting memories. It sure will be to us!


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