Love for food

We love to cook. So, we thought it will be fun to create a small video of a tasty recipe. We decided to go with Mutton Biryani since that is our favorite meat. Most of the times when we see a cooking show, the set is usually brightly lit with a white light instead of the warm lights. The bright colors of the vegetables look really rich in white light than warm light. So, we tried to set up the umbrella lights we had to get that white light look instead of the warm look. The close up shots were mostly done with the 135mm lens while the full length shots were done with the 40mm lens. We concentrated primarily on the ingredients and the process than video effects. Hence you will not find usage of the jib in this video. We just used the slider on occasion. We must say however that we are outgrowing the slider and jib and would love to have different kinds of movements. Perhaps, we will look into a handheld stabilizing unit if and when we have the dough to buy a good one. So far we think we are getting a great job done with the basic tools we have. Let us know what you think about this video or the recipie. Keep Clicking!


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