Slow Mo

Slow motion is probably the best way to show an intense moment or even to emphasize any moment. Personally, we think that it makes everything look beautiful in slow motion. So, we decided to try some slow motion videos. At first we tried to shoot normal video and then applied slow motion effect using final cut pro. However the first cut video turned out to be choppy and not as clear as we would have wanted. Then we researched online and learned we needed more frames per second to get that smooth transition. We went to menu, and selected 60fps Low compression option in the 5D before we shot this video. Yes, low compression is crucial. Do not select the high compression. Also, use a very high shutter speed and make sure the object is very well lighted. It is key. With these settings we were impressed at the slow motion videos we were able to capture. Go ahead and take a look at it for yourself. Perhaps it will also motivate you to get that perfect shot. While we were shooting the video, we also managed to get a great pictures as well. With these learnings, we will incorporate slow motion in our forth-coming videos. So, keep following and keep Clicking!


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