Light Trails

Every photographer who experiments with exposure will probably have some of these shots. They are relatively easy to take and look great. For the amount of time you put In to the reward you get is probably very high for these light trail pictures. We wanted to go ahead and experiment with slow shutter speeds and car lights. We took our tripod, and set ISO to 100 and shutter speed to 4”(varying to 8”). Because of these settings, we had the luxury of setting a very high f-stop. Which translated to beautiful street lights as well. We went to downtown Bellevue and to our surprise the snow flake lane was beaming with music and fake snow. The holiday music was very cheerful and it turned our normal photo-shoot to a fun one. We realized that little surprises like these make beautiful memories. Every time we will look at these pictures, we will be reminded of the beautiful time we had out there. If you live around Seattle, we definitely encourage you to visit the snowflake lane during the holiday season. It is absolutely beautiful and cheerful. We would love to take some star trails as well, but are saving that for summer.

We didn’t get a chance to take any videos this weekend but do keep posted for the Thanksgiving weekend. We are super excited about making a beautiful video cooking and spending time with our friends on Thanksgiving. Until next time, Keep Clicking!

Light Trails

Light Trails


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