Thanksgiving feast

Hope all of you had a wonderful thanksgiving!! We had a wonderful thanksgiving are excited to share our menu with all of you as well. We had friends come over and they helped us cook the meal and it was a great experience cooking with friends. With good friends around, cooking is lot more fun. Give it a try and let us know. We asked our friends to pick a dish they would like to prepare so that everyone was involved. We were having a few drinks since late afternoon (when we started to cook) and after a few rounds, the quality of the video reduced 🙂 but hey, it was well worth it. We will cherish it forever!! We primarily relied on food network for the recipe’s and then customized them. Hope you enjoy the recipe’s. We tried to have some healthy options as well to compensate the cream cheese and heavy cream in the soup and dessert and the vegetable twist. The most beautiful looking dish was the Belgian Endive salad with beetroot, mango and Jicama besides the turkey. We would definitely suggest you to add the Endive salad to your party table. It can also serve as the decorative centerpiece.

Holidays are about family, friends and food. And despite the cold weather, we love the holiday season. We are looking forward to have family with us next week as well. One of our little bundle of joys is going to be home and we are super excited to see her. Keep Clicking!!


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