Frozen Princess

It has been a while since our last post but we hope this video will make up for it. Hope you are enjoying your holidays!! We had family visiting from India and decided to do a small frozen princess themed video for one of our little princess – Apple. We have to give credit to her for being such a sport and redoing the shots because we are still in the experimenting phase 🙂 She has been adorable and we thoroughly enjoyed making the video. It all started when we went to the Disney store and she wanted the frozen princess outfit. She looked gorgeous in it and we decided to make a video about frozen princess. This time we wanted to add some new elements to our video and tried some trick video editing in final cut pro. We learnt to mask images and videos. It was super simple and we loved the effects we got. Next time we will shoot the video in front of a Chroma screen or some screen where we can mask the background easily. I guess that way, we will have a more realistic effect. We wanted to add a transparent layer of snow falling in some parts of the video, but couldn’t figure how. Our best bet is probably to use blender to create the animation video of snowflakes on a transparent background but haven’t really figured out how. If you do know, please do leave a comment. Hopefully by next time, we will have figured it out. Until next time, Keep Clicking!!


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