Stepping in Style

Happy New Year folks!! We hope you have a wonderful and blessed year ahead!! Stepping into 2014 was all in style. Before we headed out to the New Years party, we managed to do a quick photo shoot. We didn’t have any lighting source, except for the ambient light. Thankfully it was pretty decent at the location we went to shoot the pictures. We took the tripod and the 135mm lens and a remote control (found online for 30 bucks and works great) and managed to get some nice pictures. We tried to use the other cheaper 40mm lens, but the pictures were no match to the 135mm L lens. Guess once you go L there is no going back, unless you have really good lighting where ever you go. A reflector would have been helpful to avoid the under eye shadows but we forgot to take it. This picture below is inspired from the movie Titanic when Rose walks down the stairs to meet Jack. We also tried to take some pictures the “Bond” style. Hope you like these and don’t forget to Keep Clicking.
Titanic Inspired
Bold and Beautiful


12 thoughts on “Stepping in Style

  1. quick photo shoot aaa .. u guys were soo late fr the party …
    Fem think twice before you click Raghu’s pics.. he really started to pose and he did a damn good job…
    u guys look sharp….

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