GiveGlam January
It’s not easy when it comes to balance your work, home and then pursue your passion and to top it all off, help community. Neetha Tuluri, owner and Creative Director of BollySteps Dance School however makes it all look like a piece of cake. We are proud to have her as our GiveGlam featured member for the month of January. She has organized a dance show Nachle last year and she and her students raised 11k for Child Haven. She inspires her students to use their passion to give back to the community. Installing this kind of awareness in kids is noteworthy.
Giving back to the community deserves recognition and we wanted to do it in our own way by making everyday heroes as our GiveGlam featured person of the month. Her ‘do it for fun’ attitude is what gets her going!

Here’s a link to her website and keep posted for her upcoming show in May. http://www.bollysteps.com/
If you are feeling good and want to help someone click here and give back to the community http://www.childhaven.org/


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