San Francisco

It was a beautiful weekend in San Francisco and we got a chance to capture the stunning Golden Gate bridge and Bay bridge. Here are some pictures we captured during our trip. We rented the Canon 17-40mm wide angle L lens so that we will be able to capture the entire bridge. Location is definitely key to any image. We ended up going to Treasure island for the bay bridge shots and the bay bridge shot with downtown backdrop. The bay bridge was lit up and was quite a treat to the eye. Even the drive on bay bridge was spectacular. The reflection of bay bridge in the water is definitely worth mentioning. We also ended up going to the palace of fine arts and then to Golden Gate bridge. Some of our friends suggested to go to Conzelman road point for the Golden Gate bridge shots. It was worth it. We definitely liked the shots taken just after sunset because of the clarity of the sky we were able to get at long exposures. To be able to expose for long, it has to be a bit dark. A 30 second exposure was perfect for shots just after sunset and a 90 second exposure 10-15 minutes after sunset. Canon 5d only has 30 second exposure limit in the manual mode. If you are wondering how you can expose it for longer than 30 seconds, put the dial to Bulb mode and then press and hold the shutter for as long as you want. You would definitely need a remote for this so that you do not shake the camera trying to operate the shutter. Our remote had a bulb mode and we were able to click once to open the shutter and then on the second click, it closed the shutter.

Golden Gate bridge from Conzelman view point

Bay bridge with downtown view from treasure island

Bay bridge reflection from treasure island

Cable car
© Gurram Studios

Palace of fine arts


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