“What change can I bring in this world?” This question always came in Paresh’s mind as he grew up and saw misery/poverty. Soon he realized, that children are the future of the world and thus, the biggest impact on society. But how? He researched and came to conclusion that volunteering for a non-profit is one of the best ways. Within few months of joining Microsoft as a Network Engineer, he started volunteering for CRY in 2006 (and some others too later on) and he started getting answers to his questions. He has been vital to organization of several events and fundraisers (some of them raising $200K) for CRY Seattle including initiating fun events like CRY Holi (4 years ago) raising about $10-20K/year & re-starting CRY Dandia in 2009 ($10-20K/year). The long hours given for volunteering has not only given him satisfaction that his work is resulting in some underprivileged children getting education/food/shelter, but also helped him learn lot of skills. He says, “If I had to do it all over again, I would – giving even more time”. In late 2012, he joined the CRY America Executive committee as well, to expand the scope. Hailing from Bombay (Mumbai), Paresh is a foodie and loves dancing, traveling, arts, and partying it up with friends.
He firmly believes that every individual has the option to give back to the society and do some good work – just need the belief and passion – time automagically gets managed. Have you volunteered yet? Don’t think so much – Just do it! You will be glad you did. For more info on CRY visit or


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