Paris Love

Three weeks and seven countries!! Be prepared for a ton of pictures coming from us. Here is our first cut from Paris. But before we get to the pictures, here is what we took in our backpack, our beloved 5D, Canon 24-105mm f/L lens. It served as an nice all purpose lens on our trip. We carried just this lens and it has been a great choice for travelling. We ended up carrying our light weight small tripod. It was not very sturdy but served the purpose.
To sum up the best things Paris had to offer to us: Beautiful streets, people in Love all around, macaroons, museums, and of course the most visited monument on earth – The Eiffel tower. You have to visit the Eiffel tower in the night to see the twinkling lights. It was even more magical to us because we were not expecting it. It happened to be a perfect night with the full moon in the backdrop of the tower and the twinkling lights made it just spectacular.
Shades of Eiffel tower
Paris Love
Louvre Museum

River Seine
Seine River
Louvre Museum
Where is Monalisa?
Beautiful Flowers
Beautiful flower shop
Notre Dame Cathedral
notre dame
Louvre Museum at night

Palace of Versailles



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